5 Amazing Camera Hacks That Will Improve Your Photography 

There are various types of cameras available around us. But most importantly, the quality of photography depends on the skill-set and expertise. Actually, both the photographer and cameraman go hand in hand. However, if you want the best camera and lens to improve your photography, then you can visit once at Camerakool.com.

The distinct style of taking snapshots always matters which requires a well-equipped camera built with various features. In this article, we will tell you about the best Camera hacks that will improve your photography. So we will bring you the best hacks that will help you to take clearer pictures without any problem.

A professional photographer takes a huge amount of money and you can get good quality pictures at the cost of money. However, if you know how to tackle DSLR to capture amazing photos, you can achieve an unparalleled feat without wasting too much.

Amazing Hacks to Improve Your Snap Quality

These photography hacks which we are going to discuss are cheap but will provide fruitful results. In photography, there is nothing right or wrong. Just follow these tricks and tips to take your picture quality to the next best level.

Creating Own Light Box

In order to use this photograph hack, you will require a piece of paper and tape.  You can fold the paper to a window format. After that, you have to keep the subject in front of the camera in Av mode.

The aperture used is f/8 and the ISO is set at 100. After that, move to the Exposure Compensation and press +1 or +2. Now, you need to examine the focus as well as shoot.

Creating Shapes of Custom Bokeh

You will require a DSLR camera for the next hack. It consists of a lens that has a large aperture and it requires knowledge on Bokeh photography. However, you need some essentials for this hack.

  1. A piece of black paper.
  2. Scissors
  3. A pencil
  4. A duct tape
  5. Crafted knife which produces different shapes
  6. Keep some Christmas light as if it was that time of the year

Just create a round tube that fits your lens. After that, connect it with your lens too. Now at the other end of the tube, you need to insert a cut paper as there in the photo listed below. Now, you have to use a low aperture setting for the Bokeh and then shoot using a manual focus to the light source using a glaring hole.

Now, you need to adjust the focus ring in order to get that particular Bokeh effect.

Hazy Snaps Using Sandwich Bags

Now we will present to you a simple photography hack which you might use in a different way for your sandwich bag. Camera bags are quintessential. Just associate the sandwich bag using your lens and ensure that some parts of it are obscuring the view of the lens.

Making of DIY Flares

This is the easiest one you will find in this user guide. For this, you just need a CD and a DSLR. But you need to make sure that you remove the lens hood since it will remove lens flare.

You need to flash the CD from various angles so that the light reflected from CD penetrates the lens.

DIY Soft Focus Lens

First of all, it is essential to make a square region for plastic, and some Vaseline. After that, place some Vaseline on that paper and start shooting. If you use gauze, you have to cut the fabric using scissors placed at the center and then link that with the camera lens using the elastic band.

After attaching the gauze, place the free end of the fabric on the top of the lens.

It’s Your Turn Now

This completes the best Camera hacks that will improve your photography which you can easily afford. So read the article from scratch and choose the one that counts the most.

This is really a fun-filled activity and you will love to do this. Don’t forget to paste your photos along with valuable feedback in the comment section.