7 Hacks To Improve Your Mobile Photography

The best part about having a camera unit on your phone is that it can be everywhere and anywhere with you. The mobile photography is mostly all about capturing those abrupt moments while you are on your way to somewhere or partying with your friends. Not only this, but the modern-day smartphone cameras are extremely capable of capturing beautiful sunsets and natural sceneries.

It is certain that mobile photography is an emerging genre and these photographers are more creative than those leaners DSLR aficionados. They are always on alert for their possible shots and their minds keep searching for those spots. Smartphone’s cameras universality mingled well with the simplicity gives these cameras an edge over capturing candid junctures in public or private places.

However, it is not easy to capture a great perspective and definitely couldn’t be done by just holding and hit the capture. If you also want to experience the perks this genre provides and be able to capture stunning shots, we are compiling a list of some tricks to increase your phone photography skills.

Know the Easy Tricks in a Jiffy

Below listed are just 7 most important aspects which you should care about if you are willing to surprise yourself of your photography skills.

1. Clean the Lens

The dust present in our polluted environment will also cover your smartphone including the camera unit. Maybe you are not able to see those dust particles through your naked eye but your final photo will definitely get blurry and will show those spots.

2. Adjust the Focus

This happens because the autofocus technology may not be focusing on where you want your shot to be focused at. Here, you have to set the focus to that object manually.

The adjustment is actually be done very easily. All you have to do is tap on that object through the viewfinder. Not everyone does that before capturing a shot but this trick can easily allow you to get some crisp shots that look simply amazing in comparison to the other ones even if they took the photo from the same angle.

3. Setting up the Exposure

The question is how to get the pictures perfectly exposed.

In the viewfinder, when you tapped to focus, you can then swipe up or down on the same focus icon and set the brightness according to you. Sometimes, over or under-exposing makes the photo look better and pleasing to the eye.

To get a good silhouette shot of the sunset with kids playing on the beach, the photo needs to be a bit under-exposed.

4. Make Use of HDR

Capturing a highly contrasted scene may sometimes affect the exposure. A very simple example can be a landscape shot.

In such cases, the camera tries to capture the details of both the shadows as well highlights. To overcome this problem, modern smartphone cameras provide a function called HDR. What it does is enable your camera app to get the most balanced shot possible.

5. Burst Capture for Action Shots

The burst mode will help you in taking the moving shots very easily. The feature is called burst mode. You have to tap and hold the shutter button to capture the multiple shots of the moving object and then the phone will tell you the best one and will ask you to delete the other ones.

6. Try to Keep Your Phone Steady

One most important trick to increase your phone photography skills is to try keeping your hands as steady as possible. The less your camera shakes, the better the picture will be. You have to be extra careful if the shot you are taking is in artificial or dim-lighting conditions.

7. Rule of Thirds

As much as the steadiness and sharpness matters, the composition is also equally important and it can be best achieved by careful positioning of the object in the frame. The rule of thirds states that the object you are capturing should not be in the center but on either side of the frame. You can easily get hold of it by turning on the gridlines in the camera app.

These are the 7 tips from our side and we are concluding this article in a very much hope of you getting better in your mobile photography. You may find one or two tricks a bit difficult but as we all know, practice makes a man perfect. So, just keep capturing.